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One More for Dreamcast

The fight to beat PS2 continues.


Some people in Japan still appear to have that Sega blue running through their veins. The folks at G.Rev, together with the staff of Akihabara game shop Messe Sanoh, and with full cooperation from the Reverse Vampires, have announced plans for a re-release of the rare Dreamcast shooter Border Down. This is apparently being done in response to consumer demand.

Border Down is a 2003 Naomi vertical shooter that was brought to the Dreamcast in September of the same year. Of course, by this time the DC had already died five times over at the hands of a certain other system (who will remain nameless), explaining the small shipment lot for the home version, and the high auction prices that followed.

According to Mantan Web, the story of Border Down's rebirth starts with Messe Sanoh. The new and used videogame shop, which tends to draw a more hardcore audience than the mainstream game shops, apparently received so many requests for the game from patrons that it decided to request a reprint from G.Rev and Sega. Following some intense negotiations, the parties agreed to reship the game.

Sales will be conducted exclusively through Messe Sanoh starting on the 17th. The store will be sticking with the original 6,800 yen price point.

There's a slight complication for those thinking this move will save them from the hells of Yahoo!. Messe Sanoh has already sold to pre-order its initial lot that will arrive on the 17th.

If you don't have your name on the list, you may still be in luck if a few extra copies arrive on that day, or you can rush down to Messe Sanoh some time later this month to get your name on the list for a second shipment which is expected to arrive at the end of the month.

Now why can't Radiant Silvergun and Shining Force 3 get this kind of treatment?

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