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Wii Tops Five Million

System tracking behind DS but ahead of PS2


Shocker today from the sales database of Enterbrain. The Wii is one hot piece of hardware. How hot? Well, not quite as hot as the DS, but hotter than any other videogame system.

The Famitsu publisher announced today that, as of the 20th, the Wii has reached total sales of 5,019,337 units. The quintuple platinum feat comes in the system's 60th week of existence. In comparison, the DS took 56 weeks to reach the mark, and the PlayStation 2 66 weeks.

Needless to say, the Wii is far ahead of its competing new generation consoles. The PS3 has, as of the 20th, sold 1,810,000 units. The Xbox 360, 570,000 units.

Enterbrain also shared today the top Wii software sales totals as of the 20th. Four games have topped the million mark: Wii Sports (Nintendo, 2,663,938 units), Hajimete no Wii (Nintendo, 2,139,084), Mario Party 8 (Nintendo, 1,153,648), Wii Fit (Nintendo (1,113,626). Mario Galaxy is the fifth best selling Wii title so far with 843,961 units.

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