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Nagoshi Goes Leopard at Zeebra Recording Session

Game producer lends talents to music video.


Zeebra (that's right, two Es!) is a major hip-hop artist here in Japan. He's producing Bushido, the opening theme song for Sega's upcoming historical gangster epic, Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!. Gotoku series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi is lending his talents to the creation of that song's music video.

Famitsu.com filed a report today on a recent studio film session for the clip.

Held in Tokyo, the recording session was for a scene in the video called "Tate," which translates to stage combat using weapons. The one "tateing" was Zeebra himself, dressed to resemble Gotoku main character Kazuma.

Zeebra himself wasn't the only one in costume, though, as Nagoshi showed up in a leopard jacket!

Following the shoot, Famitsu got some commentary from Nagoshi. "It's completely different from CG video, so you can't really compare them, but I feel that if you know the charms of live action, you can also create good shots on the CG side," commented Nagoshi on the shoot. On Zeebra's performance, he added, "At the beginning he was fumbling about, but he gradually gained confidence."

For pictures, check out Famitsu.com's report on Zeebra's Bushido shoot.

To see Nagoshi's work, you'll have to pick up the Bushido single. Set for release on March 5, one day prior to the game's release, the single will include, in addition to a CD, a DVD with the music clip. Pony Canyon is producing only 30,000 of the packages, so make sure you take appropriate steps to get a copy.

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