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Shinji Mikami Starts New Project



Former Capcom superstar Shinji Mikami, now a director at newly formed Platinum Games, put it best in his latest blog entry, dated today, proclaiming "YEEEEeees!!!" as he revealed that he's at last started work on a new project.

The director of games like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis completed work on his last game, God Hand, one year and five months ago. However, according to the blog entry, he was unable to assemble a proper staff for the new game until now.

And what is that new game? Mikami wouldn't say. Nor would we expect him to be able to announce the game's name in a blog entry, considering Platinum Games hasn't formally announced any titles as of yet.

Mikami apparently isn't done with his recruiting activities. He closed off the blog post by noting that while he now has the staff required to start off the project, he will need more staff in order to complete it. If you happen to be a development wiz, turn to .

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