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Xbox 360 Arcade Hits Japan

Priced at Core levels, with five games and HDMI.


Microsoft will be offering another way for gamers to jump into HD through the Xbox 360. The company announced today the Xbox 360 Arcade pack, an entry level system that comes packed with a handful of simple titles.

Similar to the overseas Arcade Pack, which went on sale in foreign markets late last year, the new Japanese SKU includes an Xbox 360 Core System (that's the version of the system without the hard disk), a 256 megabyte Memory Unit, five Xbox Live Arcade titles, and a wireless controller. Buyers be getting an HDMI-ready version of the hardware, but Microsoft will be including standard composite cables in the package.

The five included Xbox Live Arcade titles are Feeding Frenzy (normally 800 Microsoft Points), Pac-man Championship Edition (800), Luxor 2 (800), Uno (400), and Boom Boom Rocket (800). The games will be packaged together on a single disc titled "Xbox Live Arcade Omniverse."

Set for release on March 6, Microsoft will be asking 27,800 yen for the bundle. This is the same asking price as the current Core Pack, which lacks the HDMI and has a wired controller, but, depending on the package, includes either Blue Dragon or Trusty Bell.

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