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Nagoshi Gets Personal

Yakuza producer starts off more personalized blog.


With the latest entry in the Ryu ga Gotoku series a critical and commercial success, producer Toshihiro Nagoshi has a lot to celebrate. Which makes the name for his new official blog just about right: "Toriaezu Kanpai Desho," which can be translated roughly to "Let's just say cheers."

Nagoshi started the blog a few weeks back, but it's only now that the Japanese press has gotten wind of it. Personal commentary from Nagoshi is nothing new as anyone who reads his various magazine columns will tell you, but this new blog is a bit different. In his first post, he promised to focus the blog entries on a different type of "play," and write his daily feelings.

He also appears to enjoy putting a mobile picture at the start of every blog entry.

In one entry, his picture showed him sporting formal attire. He wrote (in Japanese):

"Today is my friend's wedding.

A suit for a change.

I also want to get married."

I did a syllable count on the Japanese version of this confirmed that this wasn't a haiku.

So far, all the entries have been super short, quick reads, so anyone who wants some mini perspective (along with some visual fashion tips) from one of the industry's biggest stars should check the blog daily.

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