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Monster Hunter, PSP stay at top of Media Create charts

Sony dominates the top five.


Not even the one-two punch of Musou and Star Ocean could knock Monster Hunter from the retail top spot last week. The latest Media Create sales charts, covering March 31 to April 6, saw identical top placers for both software and hardware as the week before, despite a number of high profile releases.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sold 488,208 units in its second week of release, bringing its two week total to 1,369,000 units. This was well above Koei's PS2 sequel to Musou Orochi, Musou Orochi Maou Sairin, which placed second with 227,535 units. Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution, another PSP title, came in at third with 90,861 units.

Closing off the Sony-centered top five were two versions of Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 5. In their debut week, the PS2 version came out on top with 80,222 units, besting the PS3's 60,215 units. These were big jumps over last season, where the PS2 and PS3 titles sold, respectively, 41,000 and 20,000 units.

Nintendo platforms made up the rest of the top 10. Pokemon Ranger Batonnage came in at sixth with 58,399 units. It was followed by Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii, 39,367 units), Tottado (Bandai Namco, NDS, 38,958), Smash Bros. X (Nintendo, Wii, 24,209) and Deca Sporta (Hudson, Wii, 21,951). Of these, Tottada was the only new release.

Strong Monster Hunter sales (along with, possibly, the Star Ocean 2 release), kept the PSP far at the top of the hardware chart. Its 120,964 units beat nearly all other hardware combined. DS Lite managed 55,190 units over the period, with the Wii at 44,618 units. Down at the bottom were the usual three, the PS3 at 11,303 units, the PS2 at 10,423, and the Xbox 360 at 1,452.

Next week's charts will reflect the April 10 releases of Mario Kart on the Wii. Expect a tough fight between the PSP and Wii for hardware and software domination.

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