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Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road event

Invite only event coming to Akihabara in June.


Square Enix announced details today on a fan appreciation event for Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road, its arcade card game based off the Dragon Quest series.

The Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Kanshasai (Appreciation Festival) will take place in Akihbara on June 29 and June 29. The focus of each day will be the 2nd King Championship tournament (Dai-ni Ouja Ketteisen), with the 28th featuring a kids-only battle and the 29th offering parents and kids a chance to play together.

The company will also set up demo stations for Dragon Quest Battle Road Mobile and the DS version of Dragon Quest V, along with a retail kiosk pushing Dragon Quest goodies.

Admission is free, but only invited guests will be able to attend. Square Enix is giving out 300 tickets for two, totaling 600 people, for each day. For details on how to apply, and a look at the kinds of items that will be available in the goods corner, check out the Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Appreciation Festival page.

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