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Famitsu.com talks Ninja Gaiden 2 with Itagaki

Game complete; demo's release in Microsoft's hands.


Microsoft's Xbox 360 Spring Showcase event over in America was home to a number of announcements, most of them from Western developers. But one major Japanese supporter of the Xbox cause was in attendance as well, as Tomonobu Itagaki showed off the latest playable build of Ninja Gaiden 2. Famitsu.com was in attendance at the event and came back with a short interview with the master ninja.

Itagaki revealed to the site that the game is complete (and it had better be, with a release period just a couple of weeks away).

The site asked Itagaki to name the most time consuming part of development. The basic design phase took a lot of time, he responded. This was apparently intentional, though, as Itagaki recalled how the original Ninja Gaiden took four years to develop because the initial design document was poorly done. He also noted that he did the entire basic design doc himself this time around.

Difficulty is one of those words you always hear mentioned alongside Ninja Gaiden 2, so the issue not surprisingly came up in the interview. While Itagaki admits to not really thinking about those who've never played an action game, he at the very least wanted to let players who have some action experience enjoy themselves. Hence the presence of four difficulty levels. Different difficulty levels bring about changes to enemy count, attack and defense strength, and AI.

You'll get a chance to try out Ninja Gaiden 2, presumably before its release. As previously announced, a demo is on the way for the game, although Itagaki couldn't give a specific time frame for its release. The demo is done, he revealed, but the release timing is up to Microsoft.

The playable version of the game from the event featured two difficulty settings, one for casual gamers and one for core gamers, although the final version will actually have four difficulties. Famitsu was also able to confirm the presence of ten selectable languages on the disc, so players throughout the world will be able to play in the language of their liking.

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