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Nintendo collaborates with McDonalds, Tsukuba Express for trial download service

Get news and DS content while waiting for your train or your Ebi Filet


Nintendo will be putting the DS to use in a new way starting tomorrow as it, in cooperation with McDonalds and NTT Broadband Platform, kicks off a trial run of the Nintendo Spot download service.

This new service gives DS access to downloadable content without the need for extra hardware or registration. The trial version of the service will be run at 21 McDonalds restaurants in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward and Suginami Ward until June 30, and on the Tsukuba Express train line until December 28.

The McDonalds service will give users access to a special McDonalds home page that was designed specifically for the system. Accessible from this home page is information about the chain's products and campaigns.

Users will also have access to the DS Download Service, complete with DS demo downloads. Four titles will be available initially, including DS Bimoji Training and Bokura wa Kaseki Horida. In addition, from May 30 to June 19, those who access the service will be able to download a special Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Pikachu which come with the "Present" skill pre-learned.

The Tsukuba Express version of the Nintendo Spot service is a bit more advanced. In addition to the DS Download Service, users will be able to make use of NTT Broadband Platform's Wi-Fine wireless internet service to access news and other internet content. The connection can be used both in the 20 stations between Akihabara and Tsukuba and on board the train as well.

The only for using the service is that you'll have to download a Nintendo Spot Viewer program to your DS. This download takes place automatically on location, although in the case of the Tsukuba Express service, you'll only be able to make this download in stations, and not on the train. Once you switch off your system, the browser will be deleted.

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