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Train girl gets new name and limited edition

Takara Tomy discovers puns and promises lots of goodies for fans.


Takara Tomy's DS game adaptation of the Tetsudou Musume collectible figure series got a final name today, as well as first details on its new limited edition.

Fully titled [name]Tetsudou Musume DS: Terminal Memory[/name] (given that the game is likely being made by non-English speakers, it's unclear if the pun was intentional), this adventure title puts players in the role of a cameraman who's been assigned with producing a feature on "Train Girls," a group of girls who work on Japan's train system. As you take pictures and build up your feature, you'll earn the favor of the girls and may even manage to head out on dates with them to make your coverage a bit more personal.

The limited edition. Reserve now to ensure your copy.

The limited edition version of the title will ship in a 12.5x27x4cm box. Inside, you'll find a boxed copy of the game's standard version, a 35-page booklet providing intros for all the characters, a special CD with voice records of the girls, and an original figure for the Tsukushi Sotogawa character.

Will you be able to conduct these girls to the caboose?

Those who want the special version will have to pay 6,980 yen -- a ways more than the 4,800 yen of the regular version. Takara Tomy suggests that interested parties reserve in advance of the October 9 release.

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