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New accessory transforms PSP-2000 into Dual Shock

GameTek Easy Grip accessory adds handles to system for easy play


Do you have trouble getting a grip on a controller that isn't shaped like a Dual Shock? Do you like gaming on PSP?

Then Game Tek has what appears to be the perfect product for you. The company will release the Easy Grip P2 accessory for the PSP tomorrow. When attached, this device gives your PSP Dual Shock-like handles.

The device, exclusively for PSP-2000 model systems, has been engineered to be attached even when switching out UMD discs. You can also keep your 1seg tuner, AV cable, AC adapter, ear phones, and other peripherals attached to the system. The device even attaches to PSPs that have been equipped with a high capacity battery.

For those who like to use their PSP as a multimedia viewer, the Easy Grip has a fold-out leg which can be used to keep the system in an upright position.

The 980 Easy Grip P2 will be available in two colors, black and white.

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