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Hori ends pre-orders for Xbox 360 arcade stick

Maker cites greater-than-expected demand for online-only accessory.


360 owners are apparently serious about their fighting games. The same day as it started pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX arcade stick, Hori had to stop taking pre-orders due to extreme demand.

According to a message posted at the site, pre-orders on the 360 stick greatly exceeded expectations, and the company managed to top its initial planned allotment. For those who are still interested in the product, the message suggests checking back following the July 10 release date, although it also noted that pre-orders for future shipments are not being taken.

The first Xbox 360 version of Hori's popular Real Arcade Pro line, the EX stick uses real arcade parts from Sanwa Denshi and has been adapted for the Xbox 360 platform, complete with colored buttons and attachment ports. The 12,000 yen stick is being sold exclusively online.

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