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Hori releasing Super Robot accessory kit

Case and pouch, for PSP-2000 owners only


No victory without defense, proclaims the official site for Hori's new Super Robot Taisen accessory set. And with this kit, your PSP will definitely have the defense part down.

Set for release on June 19, opposite the release of Super Robot Taisen A Portable, the Super Robot Taisen Accessory Set, from Hori, includes a clear case and a pouch.

The plastic case, which features the the SRW logo and artwork meant to look like the instrument panel of a robot, protects your PSP from scratches. It can be kept on even when recharging and when using accessories like the TV tuner and GPS receiver.

The gray pouch also features the SRW logo. In addition to housing your PSP, it has a pocket for UMDs.

Hori is asking 2,580 yen (pre-tax) for the kit.

If you do chose to accessorize your PSP in celebration of the latest Super Robot Taisen game, make sure you have a PSP-2000 model system, as the old PSP-1000 model will not fit. Also, the extended battery packs cannot be used when housing the system in the case.

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