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Star Ocean 4 Set for Xbox 360

Trailer movie now available on Xbox Live Marketplace


The mystery platform has been revealed for [name videogame]Star Ocean 4[/name] and, perhaps surprisingly, it's not PlayStation 3. At Microsoft's Xbox 360 RPG press event in Tokyo today, [name company]Square Enix[/name] confirmed that the latest entry in [name company]tri-Ace[/name]'s critically acclaimed space epic will be coming to the Xbox 360.

[name]Star Ocean 4[/name] made its debut last year through a video trailer. Square Enix listed the game's platform as TBA at the time, and continued to keep the platform under wraps even following multiple feature stores in publications here.

The full name of the latest Star Ocean game.

While the title was announced as being in development for the 360, it's worth noting that during his introduction of the game at the press conference today, Square Enix producer [name person]Yoshinori Yamagishi[/name] did not refer to it as a Xbox 360 exclusive. In a roundtable interview session that followed the conference, he said that a PS3 version may or may not be released.

In addition to the game's platform, Square Enix also at last shared the game's full title. The game is now known fully as Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

A CG trailer shown at the conference shed a few new details on the game's storyline. The game takes place as humans are first setting out into space following the destruction of 2064's World War III and the development of the warp drive in 2070.

The two main characters featured in a CG trailer that can be downloaded off Xbox Live Marketplace now.

This trailer is now available for download on [name webservice]Xbox Live Marketplace[/name].

Materials handed out to the press following the conference gave a few details on the characters, most of which has already been revealed through various publications. The game's main character is [name character]Edge Maverick[/name], a 20-year-old member of the SRF (a space exploration group). In the heroine role is [name character]Reimi Saionj[/name], a nineteen-year-old childhood friend of Edge. She's in the SRF as well and travels through space with Edge.

Expect the action-oriented battle system you've come to expect from tri-Ace.

Yamagishi also spoke a bit about the game, although most of what he shared has been previously disclosed. The game will feature new gamepaly systems on top of the real time battle system for which the series is known, he said. Yamagishi also promised a more sci-fi taste for the title, despite this being the closest the series has come to modern times, and noted that players will be able to hop between planets --a real ocean of stars, he said. [name company]Visual Works[/name], which works on Final Fantasy movie scenes, is participating in the title's development and was responsible for the new trailer.

While a release isn't planned until 2009, Yamagishi revealed that the title currently exists in a playable state.

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