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Infinite Undiscovery set for Sept.11

Worldwide launch for tri-Ace's Xbox 360 debut title


Square Enix has backed the Xbox 360 from the start with Final Fantasy XI having launched with the platform, but the real support is set to begin in September. That's when the company's first original RPG will hit the platform in the form of Infinite Undiscovery.

During a presentation at Microsoft's Xbox 360 RPG press conference event in Tokyo today, producer Hajime Kojima announced a domestic September 11 release date for the tri-Ace title. The game will sell here for 7,800 yen (pre-tax).

This can be yours in just three months.

In addition to being Square Enix's first major title for the 360, Infinite Undiscovery will also be the firm's first worldwide simultaneous release. The title will arrive on 9/11 throughout the rest of Asia, and will hit North America on 9/2 and Europe on 9/5. Kojima noted that the American and European dates are actually shipment dates, and the games won't actually arrive at retail in those territories until about the same time as the Japanese version.

Kojima's live gameplay demonstration had these two team up to battle baddies in a dungeon.

With the release just a few months away, Kojima's claim during his presentation that the title is near completion shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Using a near final build (being controlled by another staff member), he lead the audience in a live demo session of the first area of the game and of a section a few hours in, introducing the more unique gameplay systems, most notably the connect action and situation battle systems.

Members of the press were later given a chance to sample these two sections for themselves.

Kojima also shared the latest trailer footage, which can be downloaded now via Xbox Live.

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