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Sega details final Sakura Taisen New York review show

Curtain opens in Shinagawa in late August


Sega announced today specifics on the final leg of the Sakura Taisen stage shows featuring members of Sakura Taisen 5's New York Hoshigumi force.

The [name event]Sakura Taisen New York Review Show Utau Dai New York 3 Last Show[/name] will be held from August 27 to August 31 at the Shinagawa Ginga Gekijou theater in Tokyo. For this third New York Hoshigumi show of the year, Sega will be calling upon the talents of the voice actors for [name character]Gemini Sunrise[/name], [name character]Rikaritta Aries[/name], as well as some other special guests.

Advance ticket sales will start on June 29. Pricing is set at 12,000 yen for SS seats, 9,000 yen for S seats, and 5,000 yen for A seats. Sega will also offer a family ticket for 18,000 yen, good for a pair of SS tickets for one adult and one elementary school or younger child.

For more details, see the [a href=http://sakura-taisen.com/08_newyorkrevue/]New York Review official site[/a]

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