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Ulala plays golf in Sega Splash! Golf

Space reporter tries her hand at caddying


Ulala is taking leave of her space reporting duties for some time on the green in Sega Splash! Golf. The star of Space Channel 5 is the latest guest character to appear in Sega's PC online golf game.

As the story goes (yes, Sega does makes some attempt at explaining why all its classic characters are playing golf together), the dancing space reporter has come to the Splash Tournament as a reporter for Space Channel 5. She's so taken by the charms of the sport that she decides to take part in the tournament. Not as a player, though, as that would keep her from her reporting duties. Instead, Ulala will seek out the scoops as she performs caddy duties.

Ulala's appearance comes as part of the latest update to the game. This update also adds glasses as an item for all characters, new skin colors, and new hair styles.

Sega will be holding a campaign coinciding with the new update. Those who register a new account and attempt to create a new character between June 11 and July 16 have a chance to win a player ticket and five ability-up items.

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