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Guilty Gear XX # Reload hits Xbox Classics

Microsoft takes a new shot in the backwards compatibility race


Xbox 360 owners who played through [name videogame]Guilty Gear 2[/name] and are wondering how the original series played will get a chance to find out shortly via Microsoft's Xbox Classics download service. Arc System Works' [name videogame]Guilty Gear XX # Reload[/name] will hit the service on June 16 at 1,200 Microsoft Points, Microsoft announced today.

First released in May 2002, [name videgame]# Reload[/name] is an updated version of [name videogame]Guilty Gear XX[/name], featuring character balances and a new character. The Xbox version was originally released on April 29, 2004.

The usual warnings for Xbox Classics games apply here. Memory requirements usually cross the 1 gigabyte mark, so purchasers will have to make sure their 360 has a hard disc.

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