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Ninja Studio opens Tactics Guild blog

Producer Suzu P promises lots of volume for new DS strategy title


Success has opened up an official blog for Tactical Guild, an all new strategy RPG DS game now in development at Ninja Studio, a developer that's known for its work with cell phone games. The blog is run by "Suzu P," the title's producer.

In the blog's first entry, dated June 12, Mr. P hinted that the game is nearing completion. He's currently playing through the title throughout the night, making fine adjustments.

While not going into too many details -- the site itself currently has empty slots for characters, story, and system -- Mr. P promised to surprise players with the amount of volume contained in a 3,800 yen title.

Tactics Guild offers overhead strategy set in a fantasy world. In addition to working through over 70 quests, players experience a branching storyline where your choices in dialogue and quests and your battle record affect the flow of the story and change your relationships with the heroines who accompany you on your journey.

The game will feature support for 1 or 2 players. Wireless options include both wireless play and download play.

Look for Tactical Guild in stores on August 28 at, as Mr. P said, 3,800 yen (pre-tax).

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