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Quiz Magic Academy DS detailed

Connectivity with arcade version planned


Konami updated the Quiz Magic Academy DS official site today with the first details on the arcade-to-portable adaptation since its announcement at February's AOU Amusement Expo show.

For this first appearance for the popular quiz series on a home system, Konami appears to be retaining most of the gameplay elements from the arcade version. The title will offer a variety of in-game counterpart characters along with support for up to eight players.

Modes of play include Academy Mode, Quick Match, Amusement Link, Quiz Question Download, and Ranking. Academy Mode is a new mode where you play as a student at Magic Academy and attempt to become a "Wise Old Man" by increasing your friends via quests and by performing well during classes, which are set up as a series of quiz battles. The Quiz Question Download and Ranking modes use Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service to add new problems to the game and to view nation-wide rankings. The Amusement Link mode promises some form of connectivity to the arcade Quiz Magic Academy 5.

Konami is planning a release for the game in September.

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