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Namco Bandai brings Soul Eater to the DS

Full details to be unveiled at official site on June 20


Wii owners aren't getting a videogame version of the Soul Eater anime all to themselves. The DS will also get an adaptation of the series, as revealed at [a href=http://b.bngi-channel.jp/souleater/]a teaser website[/a] set up for the title today by Namco Bandai.

That's right, Namco Bandai. While Square Enix is doing the publishing honors on the Wii title, Namco Bandai appears to have locked up the DS publishing rights.

Little is known about the new game, which is titled "Soul Eater Medussa no Inbou" (or, as listed at the site, Soul Eater: Plot of Medusa). The site describes the game as a single player action title that uses the stylus.

More details should be revealed when the full site opens up on June 20. Until then, fans of the series should try rolling their mouse about the flash-based teaser site for text bubbles form the series' cast.

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