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D3 Publisher developing Wizard of Oz-themed RPG

Teaser site opens up for Riz-zoawd.


Take the letters in Wizard of Oz, throw out the "of," scramble everything up, and you get Riz-zoawd, the name of D3 Publisher's new DS title. The firm just opened up a [a href=http://www.d3p.co.jp/riz/]teaser flash site for the new game[/a], which is being developed by Wild Arms developer Media Create.

According to the site, this single player RPG tells the tale of Dorothy, a young girl who lives in the country with her dog and only friend, Toto. Despite her parent's death, she was unable to part from her old home full of memories, and continued to live there.

The story begins when a tornado appears out of nowhere and destroys Dorothy's home, sweeping she and Toto up high into the sky. When Dorothy comes to, she finds herself in some strange, far-off land. A giant shadow appears in the sky, introduces himself as Oz, king of this magic kingdom, and invites Dorothy to his castle.

Before she sets out on her adventure, Dorothy is given a pair of magic slippers by Oz. These slippers -- yes, they're red -- allow her to freely walk through the land.

The site doesn't provide gameplay details, except noting that the game can be played exclusively with the stylus. Also, judging by the art at the site, it appears that Dorothy will end up meeting a Lion, a Tin Man, and a Scare Crow as part of her adventure.

Riz-zoawd is due for release this winter. Further details can be found in this week's issue of Famitsu.

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