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New From Success: Johnny's Great Escape

Official site offers first story and gameplay details on new DS game


Success at last shared details today on a title that was quietly announced earlier this year as Escape Johnny. The game's official title is now Johnny no Dasshutsu Daiskusen, which can be translated, as always unofficially, to Johnny's Great Escape.

Johnny's Great Escape is an adventure game where you take control of a treasure hunter named Johnny. The game features four scenarios in which Johnny must make a great escape of some sort from secret rooms, labyrinths, and prisons. Getting in his way is Stanley, a mafia boss who's known as the "Casino King."

Gameplay involves making use of items that you find along the way in order to make your escape. Everything is done via the stylus as you touch the screen to pick up items and gain hints.

The latest from D3 Publisher.

All this info can be seen for yourself at [a href=http://www.success-corp.co.jp/software/ds/escape_jony/]the game's official website[/a], now updated with screens and character profiles.

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