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Sengoku Basara X event moved from Akihabara

Fans will have to head to Shibuya for special talk event


Sengoku Basara X is the latest game to have its launch festivities affected by "various circumstances." The first was Metal Gear Solid 4 last week.

Capcom announced today a cancellation for the PS2 fighter's Akihabara pre-launch demo events. Originally, Capcom was set to put kiosks up at retailers throughout the Tokyo electronics district on June 21, a few days before the title's June 26 release. Capcom was also scheduled to hold an invite-only talk live event at the Akihabara Asobit City on the same day.

Owing to those various circumstances, the demo events will no longer be taking place. The talk event will be relocated to an event hall in Shibuya.

Details on the new location for the talk event can be found at the Sengoku Basara X official site.

Demo events that were scheduled for the Theta Shop in Kanagawa's Mizo no Kuchi area and the Softmap in Osaka's Nanba area are still on track.

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