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Evangelion game being ported to DS

Raise Rei and Asuka to your liking


When watching Evangelion, did you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like to raise Rei and Asuka to your liking? A new DS title from Broccoli will give you that chance.

Famitsu.com has a first report today on [name videogame]Shinseiki Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku DS with Asuka Hokan Keikaku[/name]. This latest DS adaptation of the anime is a port of a PC and PS2 title with a host of new features, including additional endings, costumes, and dual screen support.

You play as the caretaker of Ayanami and Rei. Your goal over a one year period is to raise the two up by managing their schedules and making them perform a variety of actions. Based off their final parameters and the events that you encounter along the way, you'll end up getting a different ending.

Outside of the dual screen support, the big new feature for the DS version appears to be the new "Quiz!? Evangelion" mini game. This quiz game tests your knowledge of Evangelion with questions ranging in difficulty from easy to super hard.

This next DS Eva game will be released on August 28 at 4,800 yen. Broccoli will also be releasing a limited edition, which at 6,800 yen adds an original strap and special pouch.

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