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New PSP protector from Hori

Six pieces protect your PSP from scratches and more


Hori has a new device on the way for those who are really worried about their PSPs incurring damage. The new Full Protect Filter Portable appears to do just what its name suggests: fully protect your PSP, possibly from nuclear attack.

The Full Protect Filter Portable includes six pieces which attach individually to the various areas of your PSP: the screen, the areas around and below the d-pad, the areas around and below the face buttons, and the UMD cradle backing. The system cover pieces are made of two layers and protect from scratches and fingerprints. The screen filter is composed of three layers and protects from dust. It also prevents reflections, making the screen easier to see.

Look for the six piece Full Protect Filter Portable on June 19 at 980 yen.

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