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Team Vesperia discusses upcoming bundle pack

Insights into how the package came about.


One of the big announcement at Microsoft's recent RPG press briefing concerned a hardware bundle pack for Tales of Vesperia. Producers Tsutomu Gouda and Yoshito Higuchi discussed that and more in a recent interview posted at Famitsu.com.

Gouda disclosed that talk of the bundle version began internally as Namco Bandai considered cross media opportunities for the series. Around summer of last year, the developers asked Microsoft about a bundle pack and learned that MS was already interested in such a promotion. Specifics on the content of the bundle, including the face plate and the script replica, were decided as 2008 began.

There was originally some consideration of going even further with the bundle. Gouda brought up the idea of releasing a different colored Xbox 360 system, but the production schedule would not allow for this. Higuchi said that ideas were floating around for including a figure or an art book, but these just didn't feel right.

Determining the amount to include in the script replica was a big area of concern, noted Higuchi. He didn't want to include too much, nor did he want to include just the prologue. Instead, they decided on including what he refers to as "the first part," which covers about 25 to 30 percent of the full game.

Of course, he suggests everyone play the game first before reading the script.

Microsoft previously released Blue Dragon as part of a hardware bundle, but opted for a core system (minus the hard disk). The decision to go with a hard disc for the new bundle was made, as Gouda noted, to ensure that owners would be able to play all 360 games and access game demos. He also noted that Vesperia has short load times normally, but they're even shorter if you have a hard disc.

Famitsu.com also asked the two about the plans for the game's worldwide simultaneous release. Gouda noted that this year is the tenth anniversary for the Tales series in America. In addition to that, he simply wanted the first HD Tales to be released simultaneously in North America. The game was planned as a simultaneous release from the start, said Higuchi.

The other area of discussion during their press conference introduction was cross media developments for the Tales series. Asked if they're considering things such as a television anime, Gouda laughed and said that there will be a variety of developments, and original video animations may be among them.

Anime isn't new to the Tales series, as past titles like Phantasia, Eternia, and Symphonia have seen conversions.

Cross media developments are an area that the two attribute to the merger of Bandai and Namco. Vesperia uses a dual producer system, with Gouda overseeing the project as a whole and Higuchi overseeing the creative areas. This type of pairing is a result of the merger, although Gouda joked that both producers are originally from the Namco side of the company.

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