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Dragon Quest teams up with Ketsumeishi

King Slime to appear in commercials for new CD


Square Enix is teaming up with music group Ketsumeishi for a new collaboration to promote the upcoming DS version of Dragon Quest V. The collaboration pairs up the DS remake with the commercials for Ketsumeishi's newest album, Ketsunopolis 6.

As part of the collaboration, the giant King Slime enemy from Dragon Quest will appear in the commercials for Ketsunopolis 6. In addition to this, the jacket for the Ketsumetsu 6 CD has been made blue, or the color of water, to reflect a King Slime.

In Dragon Quest, the giant King Slime is the product of a bunch of Slime characters merging into one. Likewise, the new CD is said to be the product of a number of Ketsumeishi tracks merging into one form.

Ketsunomeishi is a popular all-male group whose music spans a variety of genres. The group's last CD, Ketsunopolis 5, sold 900,000 copies following its 2007 release. That CD's red jacket was created as a collaboration with the Gundam series.

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