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Square Enix shares details on DKΣ3713 event

Final Fantasy XIII video only; Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep makes playable debut.


Final Fantasy XIII will not be playable at DKΣ3713, Square Enix's upcoming invite-only private show that promises to replicate the festivities of last summer's Square Enix Party, but on a smaller scale. While a list of games for the event was announced some time back, the company disclosed today which games

will be playable and which will be video only, and the upcoming PS3 epic falls into the latter category.

Joining Final Fantasy XIII on the video-only tract will be its sister productions Versus XIII and Agito. Mobile titles The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Coded will also be video-only.

Titles set to appear in playable form include Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Sigma Harmonics, and Final Fantasy Dissidia. Both Dissidia and 358/2 Days appeared in playable

form at last year's Jump Festa event. The other two are seeing their playable debuts here.

The DKΣ3713 event will be held on August 2 and August 3 in Tokyo's Harajuku area. Admittance is invite-only, with Square Enix set to select from members of its Square Enix Members fan club.

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