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Ace Combat 6 download content round nine hits next week

Two Idol Master jets join another tough mission set


Namco Bandai announced today details on the ninth round of download content for Ace Combat 6.

The latest set of paid downloads for the constantly growing 360 flight sim includes the usual mix of special and Idol Master themed jets. Players will be able to download the A-10A Distant Thunder, Typhoon Type ACE3, and Su-47 Gault jets for 200 Microsoft Points each. From the Idol Master family comes the F/A 18F The Idolmaster Ritsuko and the F-14D The Idolmaster Azusa juets, priced at 400 MP each.

Idol Master meets Ace Combat yet again.

As usual, Namco Bandai is also throwing in a free jet: the F-14D Wardog Emblem.

A bundle pack will be available for the value conscious buyer. The Dark, Shining Set includes a Rafale M Shining Wing and F-2A Dark Wing for a total of 300 MP.

Those looking for added gameplay options will have access to the Ace of Aces Mission 03. This latest in the game's series of super tough missions features an intense air fight over a snow field. It will be priced at 350 MP.

Can you challenge the latest round of super tough missions?

Look for this latest Ace Combat update on June 26.

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