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Monster Hunter, Wii top Amazon game sales

PSP hardware takes four slots in top 10.


Amazon.co.jp shared a sales report today for the first half of 2008, covering December 2007 to May 2008. Mainichi.jp passed on the information on what was hot in gaming at the internet retail giant.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G was the number one selling game item for the store. It managed to beat out the Wii system, which took second place, and Wii Fit, which took third. The Piano Black PSP came in at fourth, beating out Smash Bros. X's fifth place finish.

Separating the software from the hardware, the rankings are in line with the overall sales figures that have been previously shared by the likes of Enterbrain and Media Create. Those two trackers give Wii Fit a slight edge over Monster Hunter in overall sales, though.

Two more pieces of software broke the top ten, with Metal Gear Solid 4 Special Edition taking sixth and Mario Kart Wii taking seventh. The MGS4 placement was for sold pre-orders, as the game did not see release until after the reporting period.

The last three slots were all PSP. And not PSP software. Three PSP color variations placed respectively in eighth, ninth and tenth: Felicia Blue, Ceramic White, and Ice Silver.

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