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Nintendo offers premium DS unit to Club Nintendo members

3,000 will win super limited editions


Nintendo announced today a new campaign that will mean an ultra rare DS Lite unit for 3,000 lucky Club Nintendo members.

The company will be giving away 3,000 special DS Lite units as part of the new Premium DS Lite Present Campaign. The special systems are variations of the current Silver, Black, and Rose colored systems, with the top cover flaps produced using a metallic material. The other areas of the system remain unchanged.

Nintendo will offer 1,000 of each model.

A metallic cover flap awaits 3,000 Club Nintendo members.

To qualify for the campaign, you'll have to purchase two DS games. Once you've bought your games, record their serial numbers at the Club Nintendo site between July 1 and August 31, select your preferred, color, and you'll have your name in consideration. Points that were recorded before July 1 will not count towards the campaign.

Qualifying titles include all DS games released in August 2006 and beyond as well as the 1seg tuner peripheral. However, some games released prior to August 2006 count as well. Nintendo has set up [a href=http://cgi.nintendo.co.jp/cmp2008/index.html]a search form[/a] that allows you to search for specific titles to see if they qualify.

Aside from the cover flap, the system is the same as the standard model DS Lite.

The campaign supports up to five submissions per person. With two titles per submissions this amounts to buying ten games.

For further details, see [a href=http://club.nintendo.jp]the Club Nintendo website[/a].

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