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G Mode delivers add-on pack for O-e-kaki Logic

WiiWare title to receive one new pack per month


G Mode became the latest maker to take part in a surge of recent WiiWare download content with the announcement today of a bonus pack for O-e-kaki Logic. The O-e-kaki Logic Bonus Pack 1 expansion is available today at 300 Wii Points and adds 30 new problems to the game.

Released on May 27, O-e-kaki Logic is a WiiWare version of the puzzle game that's known in the western world as Paint by Numbers. Using hints, you fill in blocks with color, eventually revealing a hidden image. The original 500 WiiPoint title shipped with 30 problems.

As the number in the name might suggest, the downloads won't be ending with this expansion. G Mode plans on releasing four more packs at a pace of one per month.

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