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Otome Deus Gorgeous detailed, dated

Konami adding co-op play through Xbox Live


Konami opened up an official website for Otomedeus Gorgeous today, sharing both an official release date and a few new details on the home port of the recent arcade shooter.

First announced for the Xbox 360 a few weeks back, Otomedeus Gorgeous will be released in the home on September 25 carrying a tax-inclusive price of 6,980 yen.

Konami is preparing a wealth of updates for the home version. Original modes include Single Mission, Versus Mission Live, and Versus Mission LAN. The single mission mode is a single player mode featuring four stages and four difficulty levels. The Versus modes are boss fights playable by up to three players using, depending on which version of the mode you select, Xbox Live or system link.

The "Gorgeous Mode" is a recreation of the arcade's story mode. Alone or in cooperation with others, players work through six stages, some of which have been created specifically for the home. This mode is playable via Live or system link, again by up to three players. That's right -- cooperative shooting!

Other Xbox Live support includes a national score ranking, the ability to upload and download replays, and future downloadable characters, stages and background music through Xbox Live Marketplace.

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