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Mojipittan Wii expansion sees last minute delay

The young ones will have to wait for the child-oriented stages


If you were looking forward to the child-oriented expansion pack Namco Bandai announced yesterday for Mojipittan Wii, you're going to have to wait a bit longer. The 200 yen pack was originally scheduled to be released today, but was slapped with a last minute delay and is now set for date TBA.

Mojipittan Wii is the WiiWare version of Namco Bandai's popular word puzzle game that can be described as a Scramble-like title, but in Japanese. The expansion pack in question is the second one for the game and promises 30 stages that are simple enough for younger audiences ranging from kindergarten to grade school to play.

Namco Bandai did not provide a clear reason for the sudden delay.

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