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Minna no Golf 5 updated with new costumes and modes

Free and paid updates for everybody's golf game.


Sony made public the latest Minna no Golf 5 download content today, adding to the hit PS3 golf game new paid items and even some free goodies.

The paid items come in the form of Costume Set Vol. 2. This 600 yen pack includes new costumes for Conan, Chris, Yumin, Nakajima and Johnson. Each costume is available in six colors.

The last costume update, Costume Set Vol.1, was released on May 29, also at 600 yen.

You'd be celebrating too if you were getting updated.
New costumes await!

The free goodies come in the form of an update that adds tournament ranking functionality to the game's online mode. With this equipped, you'll automatically get ranked following tournaments. Three types of rankings are provided: a course separate score ranking, a ranking reflecting the your championship count, and a count of the number of times you've used particular characters.

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