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Interchannel holds Dementium event at AlcatrazE.R.

Demo kiosks and promotional materials at themed izakaya


AlcatrazE.R. is the name of one of those themed izakayas, this one located in Tokyo's Shibuya ward and sharing a split theme between a hospital and a prison. Someone at Interchannel apparently decided that this would be a perfect fit for the firm's new localization project, Dimentium, giving birth to a new tie-up campaign that kicked off today and will last for one week.

As part of the tie-up campaign posters and pamphlets will be distributed to AlcatrazE.R. patrons, who will also get to see promotional clips and actually sample the game through monitors and kiosks placed throughout the restaurant. Game characters will appear daily as part of a show lasting from 20:00 to 22:00.

Dementium is an adventure title where, playing as a character who has lost his memory, players attempt to flee a ruined hospital while doing battle with strange creatures. The game was released in North America in October of last year, and has been rebalanced for its Japanese release.

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