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DS used to teach English in all-girls junior high

Someone finally found a use for one of those things


The DS has made the move into the classroom once again, this time through Paon. Back in April, the publisher started up an educational program that gives junior high students English lessons using its New Horizon English Course DS software. Impress Watch and other sites were invited yesterday to attend a sample lesson.

The lesson was held at an all-girls junior high school in Tokyo. Spanning fifty minutes, the course consisted of multiple segments, including word bingo and daily conversation drills. All of this cumulated in a 15 minute session with the DS.

During the DS segment, all thirty-two students were given one of the school's forty DS systems. Students worked through in-game drills.

The teacher in charge of the lesson, Motoko Okubo (greeted by the students in English as "Ms. Okubo" at the start of class), admitted that she's hooked on the game. "Of course, the textbook content is simple for me," Famitsu.com quoted her as saying, "but with the game elements, it's enjoyable." She believes that the DS offers the advantage of letting students respond to questions at their own pace.

Paon president Rikiya Nakagawa was in attendance at the event as well and told Famitsu.com, "Seeing the reaction from real users, I've found some new things I'd like to try." He went on to details future possibilities for his firm's learning software, including expanding to other courses of study and using Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connect service for nationwide rankings.

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