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Free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 download content on the way

Three new maps and a bunch of new options and game tweaks


Ubisoft announced today some freebies for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 owners, of both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 varieties. The company will soon release an update patch and download gift pack for both versions of the multiplatform FPS.

The update patch adds a number of improvements to the game, including new ranks, 100 new A.C.E.S. categories, and a new "high-stakes" mode designed for combat veterans. A number of tweaks have also been implemented. You can now see player status in the lobby screen, view your own and the top player's scores on the HUD during death matches, and select to allow or disable voice chat for players who've died.

The gift pack includes three new maps: Caribbean Casino, Murder Town, and CQB Training Night.

Both updates are free and will be available shortly.

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