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Sega planning Phantasy Star Portable demo

Players will be able to save progress for final retail version.


Sega announced today plans for a demo to promote the upcoming release of Phantasy Star Portable. The demo will feature a glimpse of the game's story mode and will also offer multiplayer ad-hoc play, meaning you and your friends can all get the demo and team up.

Set for release on July 31, Phantasy Star Portable is the latest entry in the Phantasy Star Online/Universe series of online titles based off Sega's classic Phantasy Star RPG franchise. This first portable entry in the series offers a similar experience to Universe, with a full story mode and multiplayer play for up to four.

Also carrying over from Universe is a hefty character customization system. Those who play the demo will have a head start in this area of the game, as your characters will carry over to the final version.

Sega did not release specifics on how the demo will be distributed, but it will likely be through either the PlayStation Spot or PlayStation Browser Official Site download services.

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