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Popular woman's book being adapted for DS

Learn to be a proper women through the stylus.


What makes a proper woman? DS owners are going to find out shortly as PHP Research brings an adaptation of its best selling Josei no Hinkaku to the DS.

Released in October 2006, Josei no Hinkaku offers advice to women in all areas of life, including clothing, fashion, speaking, and love. Written by Showa Women's University principal Mariko Bando, book went on to sell 3.1 million copies.

The DS version, fully titled Josei no Hinkaku Juku DS: Tsuyoku Yasashiku Utsushiku (Josei no Hinkaku Course DS: Strong, Kind, and Beautiful), offers 68 lessons spread across seven chapters, with tests used to check progress. The title also includes calendar functionality.

Supervised by Bando, this first PHP Research DS title will be released on October 23 at 3,800 yen.

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