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Ehrgeiz and Brave Fencer Musashi hit PSN

Cloud appears on the PS3 at last!


Cloud Strife and Seiphroth made their way onto PlayStation 3 units at long last. Only not in Final Fantasy VII. The FFVII hero and villain are instead duking it out in the Game Archive version of Ehrgeiz, which is just one of six titles available for the service today.

Joining Square Enix's fifth title for the service is the firm's sixth, Brave Fencer Musashiden. Square Enix made waves a couple of weeks back with the announcement of their support for the platform through titles like Xenogears and Einhander.

Also available today are Ray Crisis from Taito, b.l.u.e Legend of Water from Hudson, Wizard's Harmony R from Arc System Works, and Aquanout's Holiday Memories of Summer 1996 from ArtDink. The latter was recently in the news as Sony announced a PS3 sequel.

Of these, Brave Fencer is playable exclusively on the PSP. The other titles are playable on both PS3 and PSP, but Ehrgeiz and Aquanout's Holiday are exclusively single player experiences when played on the portable.

As usual, all titles are 600 yen.

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