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Yoichi Wada to deliver Tokyo Game Show keynote

CESA shares TGS Forum program details


CESA announced today final program details for this year's TGS Forum, an annual industry trade event that takes place as part of the Tokyo Game Show.

This year, the TGS Forum will take place on October 9 and 10, the two business days of TGS. Leading off the event is, as always, a keynote address. CESA chairman (and also Square Enix president) Yoichi Wada will give the address this year, speaking about things Japanese game makers should do for targeting foreign markets.

Past Tokyo Game Show keynote addresses have been delivered by major executives like Nintendo's Satoru Iwata and Sony's Ken Kutaragi and have resulted in major reveals including the Wii controller, the Dual Shock 3 and a pre-release price-drop for the PlayStation 3.

Other keynote addresses will be given by Namco Bandai's Shin Unozawa, NHN Japan's Akira Morikawa, and G Mode's Takeshi Miyaji.

CESA is also inviting presenters to provide lectures over the course of the two business days. This year's sessions cover casual games, management, mobile games, and characters.

Overseas developers will be represented through a session on the 10th as Turbine CEO Jim Crowly speaks about virtual worlds, online games, and social networks.

These paid sessions will cost attendees who buy tickets in advance 8,000 yen for one session or 7,000 yen per session if they attend two or more. Same day tickets will sell for 10,000 yen per session.

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