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New Tatsunoko fighters revealed

Onimusha hero joins the fight


Capcom provided a double dose of new characters in today's round of periodic character unveils for Tatsunoko Productions Versus Capcom and also made mentioned of the gameplay systems that Versus fighter fans can look forward to.

The versus fighter's playable fighting roster now includes the following four warriors:

  • Hurricane Polymar (voiced by Kunihiko Yasui).
  • Gold Lightan
  • Morigan (voiced by Yayoi Jinguji)
  • Kaijin no Souki (voiced by Toshiyuki Kusuda)

The first two are from the Tatsunoko Productions side of the collaboration, emerging from anime productions that bear their names. The last two are from the Capcom side, coming from, respectively, Darkstalkers and Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

With the new characters, the cast has now reached 12, split evenly between the Capcom and Tatsunoko sides. This new announcement adds something new to the series, though: a Capcom character from something other than the company's fighting franchises. Past announcements have included characters from Rival Schools, and the various Street Fighter series titles.

Joining the fighter announcement, Capcom also detailed a few of the gameplay systems that will make it into this modern day versus fighter. Most of the hardcore versus fight fans will have spotted some of these systems in past screenshots, but Capcom confirmed that the game will have Hyper Combos, Chain Combos, Variable Counters, Variable Assists, Variable Attacks, Variable Combinations, and Aerial Raves.

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