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Dragon Quest V tops million shipped mark

Square Enix celebrates with special wallpaper


Square Enix announced today that the DS remake of Dragon Quest V has topped the million mark in domestically shipped units. The mark was released on July 17.

In a press release, the company attributed the success to the title grabbing not just Dragon Quest fans, but a wide array of age groups and new players as well.

DQV is the second DS release in the so-called "Tenkuu Series," the name given to the DQIV, V and VI subset of the popular RPG franchise. The first release, DQIV, also topped a million sold following its release in November of last year.

First week sales for DQV, as reported by Media Create late last week, topped the 600,000 mark, putting DQV on a sales pace ahead of its predecessor. DQV managed to reach the million mark one week faster than DQIV.

In celebration of the shipment feat, Square Enix posted a special commemoration wallpaper at the [a href=http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dragonquest/4to6/dsdq5/]DQV official site[/a].

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