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Microsoft details summer Xbox Live Arcade lineup

Galaga and more on the way


Microsoft today shared details on four upcoming Xbox Live Arcade releases. These titles fall under the company's Summer of Arcade promotional campaign, which got its own special website today as well.

The summer arcade action kicks off today with the release of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. Released through Activision, the sequel to the fan-favorite early xbox Live Arcade title is available for 800 Microsoft Points.

Later in the summer, Namco Bandai will release one of the big Microsoft E3 surprises: Galaga Legions. Set for August 20 release, the new version of the old school arcade shooter will carry an 800 MS Point price point.

Microsoft has two titles of its own on the way as well. Braid, a puzzle game where you freely control the passage of time, will be available on August 6. Castle Crashers, a side scrolling action game with cartoon-like visuals, will be released on August 27. Both are currently without final pricing.

For a closer look at all four titles, see the Summer of Arcade special site.

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