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PSP Tops 10 million -- Media Create

25 million pieces of software for hot portable


Media Create announced today that, according to its own statistics, the PlayStation Portable has crossed the 10 million mark in domestic sales. The tracker's data lists the system has having reached the feat as of July 27 (Sunday).

If you're experiencing a bit of deja vu here, it's probably because Sony made a similar announcement itself a few weeks back. Sony's announcement of 10 million reached came just prior to its E3 press conference, on July 15. Different from the Sony figure, which refers to systems sold to retailers, Media Create's numbers reflect sales from retailers to customers.

In addition to the hardware figure, Media Create revealed that the PSP has sold 25 million pieces of software here in Japan, giving it a tie-in ratio of 2.5 games to every system.

Media Create also provided one stat that should be of interest to those wondering what the future holds for the PSP. In the past, platforms to cross the 10 million mark (PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance lineup, and DS lineup) have gone on to top 15 million as well.

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