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Sega starts Phantasy Star Portable download content

Two missions along with some wallpapers


Sega has wasted no time in getting the expansion content out for Phantasy Star Portable. Coinciding with the retail release of the title today, the company made available a first round of downloadable missions.

Two missions are included in this update: Unrecord Order and Forbidden Land Level X (these English names are unofficial translations). The former is for single players with multiple players taking turns. The latter is a battle for one to four players against a giant boss.

The latest Phantasy Star game hits PSP.

To get these missions, you'll have to access the game's official site via either your PSP or PC. The mission data is stored on a Memory Stick.

Sega also made available today something for everyone -- even those who haven't picked up Phantasy Star Portable just yet. The PlayStation Store is now home to two PSP-sized wallpapers, available for free download.

The PSP version has everything from its console counterparts, including powerful character customization options.

More Phantasy Star Portable downloads will follow at regular intervals in the future, Sega has assured.

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