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Space Invaders and Laforet Harajuku team up for anniversary

Special game items available for purchase at famous shop.


What do Space Invaders and the famous Laforet Harajuku shopping and event space have in common? Well, they're both pretty old. 30 years old, to be exact, prompting a collaborative anniversary celebration.

Taito and the Laforet are holding the Space Invaders by Laforet 30th event from today to August 22. Over the course of the event, patrons to the Harajuku Laforet shop will be able to purchase special Space Invaders items designed in collaboration with Laforet retailers. A total of 55 items are on offer, including t-shirts and pendants, with prices ranging from 1,544 yen to 13,965 yen (tax-included). Some of these items will also be available at the Laforet in Nigata and also at the [a href=http://www.lfh.jp/]Laforet online shop[/a].

Those who aren't interested in buying the products or even going all the way inside the Laforet building will find plenty to look at even at the building entrance, which has been "jacked" by space invaders and features posters, collaborative goods displays, and even a Space Invaders arcade unit.

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